Throws, Sheepskins etc.


Every sheepskin is different. Some have long and dramatic fleece, some short, soft and cosy, and in all sorts of natural colours.

We are just awaiting the latest batch to come back from Pembrokeshire-based organic tannery we are pleased to support.

Here we see throws in production on the loom:


Our throws used to be woven at a small family-run mill just down the road from Cwmchwefru; since they retired, we now use Curlew Weavers (Rhydlewis) who also spin our wool.


I like to do a bit of weaving too: here is a lovely chunky rug made from sheep fleece:



One thought on “Throws, Sheepskins etc.

  1. Well! Lesley. I am not sure when I last enjoyed scrolling and reading and seeing so many wonderful photographs, which you used to illustrate each part of the narrative. Spinning and we see not just a wool profile or a selection of fleece but an amazing group of SHEEP with the wool where it should be … on the HOOF! My fingers ITCHED .
    Though I am lucky as I already own some of your wonderful fleece and….. being a knitter too your lovely hand knitting, bouncy and ‘alive’ wollen YARN!


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